There comes a time when every business owner or manager must ask themselves the question, “Is it time to buy new office furniture?”. With our affordable office furniture in Richmond, BC the best time to buy fantastic furniture is now! With Premier Office Interiors, you will have a lot of options to choose from that can elevate and complement your company’s setting for you and your staff. Our Langley office furniture is manufactured under the highest standards at affordable prices that will help you stay within your budget.

Whether you’re looking to attract more clients, enhance staff morale or maximize the use of your office space, we can make that happen!


Why you need Premier Office Interiors for your office

Just like you, we’re qualified professionals that understand the details and preparation of setting up your office to standard. We offer high-quality products and units at affordable prices, while continuously striving to improve the appearance of your professional atmosphere.

Additionally, we can help you create and design a friendly office layout to enhance business efficiency and staff comfort year-round. We can embrace your work environment’s own sense of style and improve your company’s culture through fantastic office furniture and accessories. 


5 Reasons to Buy New Office Furniture for 2021

Finding a great bargain can be easy when you know exactly where to look! Let’s explore five reasons why you should revamp your office furniture this summer:

  • It shows your clients that your business is here to stay for the long haul. Buying new office furniture is an investment, no matter how affordable the price is. Nothing reassures a new client or loyal customer that you plan to continually grow your business like investing in new and modern furniture.

  • It’s tax-deductible. If you’re a proud owner of a small business, the cost of office supplies, including office furniture, is tax-deductible. These expenses can either be deducted or depreciated, helping you further save your business costs.


  1. It comes with a reliable warranty. Chances are if a leg is loose on a table or an armrest breaks on a chair, you will be the one to fix it. When you purchase our office furniture, you will be backed by an extended warranty that will cover any repair and problems, leaving you to focus on more important business matters.


  1. It gives your office a much-needed renovation. If your business opened up its doors decades ago when outdated designs were stylish, green couches and orange walls anyone? Then a lively update is calling! New furniture is much easier to install and can be configured to your office specifications such as technologically advanced stations and device plug-in areas for all employees. Time to step into 2021 the right way!

  • It’s ergonomically friendly for all personnel. You spend almost 40 hours in your office chair, invest in seating that won’t leave your neck and back sore by the time 5 p.m. hits!  We offer lumbar-supporting seating systems and fantastic arm-seating units that will increase your productivity and your comfort!


This is your time to save on business costs with ergonomic office furniture in Richmond, BC!

They say ‘patience is key’ when it comes to savings, but that doesn’t apply to us – we offer fantastic prices year-round! Contact us today to receive a quote and speak to one of our skilled furniture experts.


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