Small office spaces have the advantage of keeping you working in a tight-knit, communal space. However, storage can be an issue and it may hinder staff productivity and disrupt your daily workflow. At Premier Office Interiors, we’re an office furniture installer in BC and one of the most trusted office seating suppliers in Vancouver. We want to help you build an ideal workplace where you’ll thrive in an environment of success and reach your goals and objectives. 

We will go over how you can optimize your small desk space, how a well-designed workspace boosts productivity, and how efficient office storage organizes your important documents and papers – all these factors are key to managing a small office space that works best for you. 


How Can I Optimize My Desk Space?

The first step you should take is utilizing multi-tasking furniture that adds much-needed storage space while simultaneously serving another purpose. This helps you to maximize doing different tasks at the same time and is especially useful if the furniture or desks are built with extra space intact such as storage side tables with baskets or constructed with sleek, slender designs. 

Clearing away clutter makes a huge difference for your work attitude as well as giving you more flexibility to find things easily. If you need to, store utilities like pens or papers in a convenient bin placed in the corner of your desk. 

Lastly, consider going paperless to better optimize your desk space or, at the minimum, use and keep as little paper as possible in your work area. This keeps your area clean and reduces your paper usage overall. Find a reliable software program to digitize everything you need. You’ll find it simple to use and organize information you receive each day. 

With simplistic furniture and methods to clear away unneeded items from your desk, let’s go over how design functions can increase your productivity. 


How Can a Well-Designed Workspace Increase Productivity?

In addition to adding smaller furniture and cleaning unwanted junk from your desk, having a well-designed workspace can do wonders for your productivity. 

One of the newest features to add in any office is the height adjustable desk. These desks elevate your table and desktop to allow more space underneath your legs. It also benefits your overall physical health because it helps you avoid unneeded strain on your neck, back, shoulders. It also lets you adjust your laptop height to an ergonomic height that lessens the strain on your eyes. 

Adding natural light into your office also helps because it can help brighten your daily workday. Make sure to have large windows if possible and try to keep blinds and curtains as open as possible, adjusting them only when light interferes with your work. It adds more space and brightness to your office and benefits your office storage, as we’ll explain below. 


How Does Office Storage Help Keep Track of Important Documents and Papers?

One of the easiest ways to organize your office space is by taking advantage of vertical space. These types of furniture help you find and spot items easier, as well as maximize your storage output. An example would be a wall-mounted storage cabinet that can be added to desks to maximize their capacity. Adjustable shelves can also be repositioned and used to store just about anything. 


Take Advantage of Our Affordable Storage Systems and Maximize Your Workspace this Fall!

Above all, you should look for open office storage that is adaptable to constant changes. They should allow you to grow or alter it as needed to accommodate your busy work life. They can help you be more flexible and prepare for an influx of documents, bills, and other items of importance. With this system in place, you’ll be able to organize and use the space as you see fit.  

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