13% of workers said they would give up their year-end bonuses in exchange for workplace flexibility, and 14% said they would give up five vacation days for more freedom in their office.

The world of the workplace is changing in 2021, mainly due to the COVID-19 era. Our custom office furniture in Vancouver, BC has made it possible for the traditional office design to adapt to the ever-changing needs of strict sanitary pandemic protocols.

So, how do you create a workspace that remains relevant but is also adaptable to the ways of the future? It’s through creating a flexible working environment to rise to the challenges of what 2021 brings and turn them into viable opportunities for your employees.

We are professional office furniture suppliers in Vancouver, BC that can help you increase work productivity and staff collaboration, accommodate new office styles and help you attract a new generation of forward-thinking professionals to your business. 

Provide your team with enhancing ergonomic office tools, chairs, desks and workstations that provide flexibility and comfort. What is a flexible workspace and how can it empower the future of your company? Let’s find out!


What is a Flexible Workplace Design?

Daily work operations have become more mobile due to innovative technologies that have enabled more streamlined office operations. 

So how do we help your office improve productivity in a digital world? With industry-leading office furniture in Richmond, BC that boosts your workspace to adapt to ongoing design changes. The way that an office space functions is highly dependent on the use of tablets, smartphones and laptops has revolutionized the way that employees work. No longer do they have to stay in the same place all day to get their projects done.

A flexible office is one where employees have more freedom of movement, allowing for a clear hybrid of remote and in-office collaboration. Creative desk rearrangements including non-fixed desks and ergonomic furniture to increase comfort are essential in creating a working flexible work environment.


What are the Benefits of Implementing a Flexible Office Space?

Creating flexibility in the workspace has numerous advantages for you and your personnel. We understand that your office is more than just a place where you run your business; it’s also an extension of your brand and your promise to your employees and the clients that you serve. 

We can help you redesign your office to meet your standards for the future and encourage COVID-abiding personnel collaboration. Here are some additional benefits to switching over to a flexible workplace design:

  • Increases employee happiness

Your staff will be inclined to work harder if they feel genuinely optimistic when they come into work. When your staff feels trusted and appreciated, it’s only natural that overall office morale will be high and productivity will skyrocket.

  • Retain your top talent

70% of professionals work at least once a week from home, which means that high flexibility and freedom in your office will attract more of your employees to work directly from your business space. The more flexible your office space, the more likely it that your company attracts the best expert for the job that is willing to continually learn and better your brand.

  • Saves company costs 

The better the office space, the more likely it is to attract professionals that are willing to stay over a long period, eliminating the cost of recruitment, time training new staff and saving your company on additional financial responsibilities.

  • Effective use of floor space

As an employer or a manager, it’s crucial to maximize the physical landscape of your work environment. A strong workplace layout will use the office space efficiently, without overcrowding the staff or limit the function of other areas.


Find Out How You Can Increase Staff Morale and Maximize Your Office Space with Our Custom Office Furniture in Vancouver

A productive and enjoyable work environment begins with a flexible office space. Whether you’re looking to attract more clients, enhance staff morale or maximize the use of your office space, we can make that happen!

Contact us for a quote today and find top-notch solutions for your unique professional office space!