The modern office space in 2021 will look drastically different than the one in 2019. There’s no way around it, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the layouts, the furniture and the spacing of a contemporary office setting. Premier Office Interiors provides you with affordable office furniture in Richmond, BC that will elevate your work environment and help you transition from remote to in-office work seamlessly. 

As we start getting re-introduced to the full-time in-office workweek, it’s time to implement some forward-thinking strategies for your office. We will advise you on simple and affordable ways that will make a large overall impact on your work environment while helping you ensure your workspace still adheres to the proper health regulations. 

Returning to the office post-pandemic is an exciting and big endeavour. As a professional office furniture supplier in Vancouver, we can help you prepare for your long-awaited return while keeping your staff and personnel’s best interests in mind. Always in tune with the trends and comfort of your office’s customized requirements, we have compiled four ways in which you can transition back into your long-awaited office while keeping compliant with all health regulations and measures.


Four smart strategies for safely returning to your office in 2021

  1. Having an open floor plan. Besides making your office ten times brighter, an open floor plan will instantly enhance the appearance of the size of your office. An open floor plan creates a better sense of community in the workspace though still adhering to social distancing standards. There are numerous advantages in adapting to a completely open floor plan that includes:
    1. Easier and faster cleanings
    2. Better office ventilation 
    3. Enhanced space for staff collaboration and discussion
    4. Optimal exposure to natural light
  2. Embracing the non-traditional layout. Now is the perfect time to think outside the box, or the cubicle. The way we work in an office space is changing and encouraging your company to be positive about new floor plans will increase productivity, brand morale and business opportunities. 
    As employees become more and more comfortable with unique floor layouts, they will become more efficient in their daily tasks. At the end of the day, when your staff feels safe and healthy where they work, they will have more of a reason to stay at your company long-term.
  3. A ‘heightened’ awareness of furniture and ergonomic seating. Lightweight, kinetic and flexible furniture that is easily movable and reconfigured will ensure that your employees are safe. Additionally, using lightweight furniture can make an easier transition if you ever do need to re-arrange your office layouts.
    We provide a wide range of office furniture that ranges in height and measurements so that you can properly design your workspace and tailor it to your specific needs. Invest in efficiency in 2021, and work smarter not harder.
  4. Clear office transparency. Emblems, decals, and floor stickers that are used as reminders for proper social distancing can help reduce the density of your staff while waiting for the elevator or waiting for your lunchroom’s microwave. Businesses in 2021 will need to have clear communication guidelines with all employees to help adhere to regulations and keep everyone safe and happy.


Welcome back to the office! Do you have all the furniture you need – we’ll help!

Premier Office Interiors is here to help your office get adjusted to returning to the office in 2021! We provide you with ergonomic seating, space planning and installs, benching systems and all the necessary elements to maintain your staff safe and productive. 

Contact us for a quote today and speak to one of our space planning specialists on how you can maximize your office space in 2021!