How your office is laid out and what kind of office furniture you have can have a surprising impact on employee happiness, work ethic, client impressions, and more. But looking to buy reception furniture fit for your business can feel like a daunting task and get in the way time spent on your work. 

Whether you are just starting out, need an upgrade to your current office, or are looking to revamp things Premier Office Interiors can be the perfect solution to get your office ready for growth and success! 

As boardroom furniture suppliers providing quality furniture in Vancouver, to Richmond, Langley, Surrey, and even over to Burnaby and Delta and other surrounding areas Premier Office Interiors can have your back covered and your office covered with functional fantastic furniture!


Get quality office furniture 

First, let’s get into the basics, no matter your industry there are things that every office needs such as chairs, desks, computers, lighting, monitors, and more. These things because they are so ubiquitous they can really define how your office environment will develop. These are the things people will be sitting in, using and looking at for their whole workday so it’s important that they are top quality to make work-life as comfortable as possible.

Nobody likes a squeaky chair that is too hard, and people especially don’t like sitting in such a chair for 5+ hours. Low-quality furniture can have a significant impact on the work your employees are doing and so likewise with top quality furniture you can actually see a boost in work efficiency and output. 


Setting up your small office

Now past the furniture, every office needs the classic office supplies. People might think sticky notes and pens might be outdated since there are multiple applications to help productivity and give reminders but they are still as needed as ever.

Some employees just plain prefer them against using a tablet or programs on the computer; it’s been shown that the tactility of writing down “to-dos”, little notes, and making things can help people better remember them. The basics of supplies and stationery are pens and pencils, erasers, highlighters, permanent markers, scissors, paper clips, stapler and staples, tape, and more. 


How can I boost employee productivity with the office?

Anyone staying 8 hours at a desk 5 days a week wants to enjoy their office and feel comfortable or even your best employees’ productivity can drop off. Now that we’ve covered having comfortable chairs and nice desks to work off of we can get a bit more in-depth. But this can be tough when everyone has their own preferences, that’s why incorporating different spaces can help employee morale. Having social spaces like the office kitchen, break room, or classic water cooler as well as places where employees can work quickly and privately to focus more. 

Dividers can provide a great solution for this, giving people privacy while being totally adjustable. They also have an added advantage against COVID. Not every office can confidently employ social distancing to comply to COVID guidelines but dividers can help to bring protection in those situations. 


Bring your office to the next level with quality office furniture suppliers | Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond and surrounding areas

Setting up an office can take so much time and research it becomes stressful, you deserve to work with someone that will fit your business perfectly. Boost your work life, employee productivity, and more with top quality furniture and dividers! Premier Office Interiors can help you cover your office with furniture fit for your business no matter what field you work in. 

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