Premier Office Interiors is here to help your office get adjusted to returning to the office in 2021-2022! We provide you with ergonomic seating, space planning and installs, benching systems and all the necessary elements to maintain your staff safe and productive.

Premier Office Interiors provides exceptional office furniture in Vancouver to align the flow and strengthen the streamlines of your business. We have the expertise and resources to design your office to encourage collaboration, improve focus and establish beneficial partnerships. Creating the ideal office environment of today can be made easy when you choose to buy reception furniture in Vancouver that is affordable and tailored to your exact office needs.

Having an open floor plan. Besides making your office ten times brighter, an open floor plan will instantly enhance the appearance of the size of your office. An open floor plan creates a better sense of community in the workspace though still adhering to social distancing standards. Embracing the non-traditional layout. Now is the perfect time to think outside the box, or the cubicle. The way we work in an office space is changing and encouraging your company to be positive about new floor plans will increase productivity, brand morale and business opportunities. 
As employees become more and more comfortable with unique floor layouts, they will become more efficient in their daily tasks. At the end of the day, when your staff feels safe and healthy where they work, they will have more of a reason to stay at your company long-term. Dividers can provide a great solution for rapid work space adjustments, giving people privacy while being totally adjustable. They also have an added advantage against COVID. Not every office can confidently employ social distancing to comply to COVID guidelines but dividers can help to bring protection in those situations.

Whether you’re looking for a single workstation or to outfit an entire office we offer a personalized consultative service, which includes free space planning, to help you plan an office furniture package that is optimal for your design concept, budget, space requirements and lead time.

Premier Office Interiors services customers from Metro Vancouver to Surrey, Langley and the rest of the Fraser Valley.