The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we do our jobs, testing how each business can adapt to remote work and making us rethink our office layouts.

The pandemic has created the need for strict safety protocols, has enforced social distancing and has created cleaner and more efficient workspaces. We can help you ensure that your office is COVID-19 compliant without compromising on style and comfort!


Design a Socially-Distanced, Unified Office Workspace

Premier Office Interiors supplies and installs a wide array of safety fixtures that offer better distancing and safety between workstations that are manufactured with phenomenal quality and comfort. Our team assesses the floor plan of your office and recommends options for you based on your layout and budget while providing you with superior custom office furniture in Vancouver.

We offer more than just smart structure design and dependable office furniture. We infuse your vision, wants and needs for your business and incorporate them into a functional custom environment for all your staff. The updated office space for 2021 will need to adhere to social distancing guidelines while accommodating its staff. Increase staff focus while working from a functional and well-designed workspace. Our office furniture in Richmond, BC can help you create a viable and pandemic-compliant office while helping you take the hassle out of daily running your business.

We are dedicated to creating the perfect COVID-19 compliant space while designing a customized scheme within your budget. Our complete project management will take away the stress of creating a suitable floor plan and takes care of all project management. Why not choose us?


Adapting to the Hybrid Office Model

Whatever your office dynamic is, your business goal is unity. Some employees prefer to work in a distraction-free environment while others are fueled by loud music. Ensuring that your staff can reach the same company objectives while modifying their workspace during the pandemic can be made possible through a progressive hybrid office layout.

A diverse range of office models that can satisfy the COVID-19 safety protocols and infuse a stylish element is crucial in creating a productive workspace. Understanding how to implement the hybrid workspace can accommodate the personnel that have returned to work full-time and those who are working remotely. 


3 Ways to Improve your COVID-19 Office Space

Want an office model that can function as an appropriate workspace and be infused with elements of trendy office design? Let’s examine the three ways that your office can adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols while enabling your staff to feel happy, safe and productive:

  • Infuse Your Brand’s Personality: It’s clear that social connection builds trust and strong bonds within the office. After months of working remotely, the majority of employees are happy to return to the office because they want to socialize and collaborate in-person with their colleagues. Integrate ergonomic chairs, fun pieces of art and comfortable furniture that can create an efficiently-running workspace.
  • Satisfy the 6-Feet Apart Rules: The biggest challenge for shared spaces is that they’re intended to bring people together. Proper 6-feet apart social distancing can be still adequate with ergonomic chairs, desks and boardroom furniture that enables staff to still collaborate but stay safely apart. A shared workspace welcomes warmth and energy in the office, while still abiding by the social distancing standards.
  • Think Flexible: Integrating more individual seating, increasing mobile furniture and adding flexible pieces of furniture to your office enables your office layout to accommodate your employees appropriately. By adapting to the flexible model, your daily operations can run smoothly and reap the benefits of happy staff that feel safe during the pandemic. 

Create a Focused Workspace, 6-Feet Apart with Reliable Custom Office Furniture in Vancouver, BC

We can help you create a dynamic work system for all personnel during times of unprecedented pandemic times. 

Want to increase office productivity, have happy employees and satisfy COVID-19 safety regulations? Call us for a quote today!