Employee health is the driving force behind every business’ success. The physical, mental and emotional state of every individual working in your office can dramatically enhance the flow and energy of your space while improving the quality of the work being done.

Our custom office furniture in Vancouver is dedicated to transforming your office environment into a workspace that complements the well-being of all your personnel. Our Langley office furniture can be arranged in a way that is tailored to the specifications of your space, while still being comfortable enough to benefit your staff’s health.

Whether you work in a small or large office, the importance of implementing comfortable furniture and accessories is vital to enhancing personnel productivity. Some things are even beneficial to employees’ physical and mental health, so it’s important to consider those factors when choosing your office design! We made it simple with 5 easy tips on how you can create a fantastic workspace with happy staff!


Add these 5 health advantages to your office today! 

Provide your office space with an expertly designed space while enhancing your employees’ wellness on a daily basis and implement these factors using our team of professionals:

  1. Investing in ergonomic seating. Effective workplace ergonomics will reduce the risk of injury, discomfort and chronic pain for your staff. Ergonomic seating is made to be customized with the user, allowing them to lower the chair, adjust the back and provide crucial neck support. The goal of ergonomic chairs is to maintain the individual at a comfortable angle while allowing them to be productive for eight hours a day.
  2. Implementing height-adjustable tables. Installing adjustable tables will prevent the need for hunching over in order to reach desks or computers. Premier Office Interiors provides you with affordable height-adjustable tables that can benefit the posture of your employees and be customized to the individual.
  3. Incorporating natural materials and plants. Aside from making your office smell wonderful, implementing plants and natural elements such as bamboo, can enhance the air quality of your office. Additionally, the presence of natural elements also improves the art of design without being too stimulating or distracting. Employees can feel comfortable and have pride in their workspace using their own unique natural elements that can enhance their daily tasks.
  4. Integrating a space for relaxation. Employees thrive at varying levels – where one individual is most productive in the morning, another is productive in the early afternoon. Implementing a space where your employees can relax and regroup their thoughts can help them recharge, instantly improving their mental health and reduce stress levels. 
  5. Installing monitor risers. Reducing wrist strain begins with investing in monitor risers. Your employees can adjust their monitors at a height that doesn’t put a strain on their necks and wrists, resulting in a bad posture. We provide a wide range of monitor risers that offer maximum flexibility and comfort for your staff.


You work hard. Our ergonomic office furniture will make you forget that.

The best offices are designed to create the perfect balance of collaboration, comfort and productivity. At Premier Office Interiors, our team can help you expertly design your office so that your personnel can reap the benefits of an optimal working area. Whether you’re looking to renovate your office to make it more functional or want to implement a more contemporary style, we have the resources to make that happen!

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