Office Furniture Delta: Case Study – Office Installation for a Large Automobile Manufacturer

The furniture choices complemented the overall aesthetic, creating a seamless and visually appealing environment.


Discover how Premier Office Interiors successfully furnished the new facility of a renowned International Automobile Manufacturer located in Delta, BC. Our team specializes in creating tailored and functional workspaces that reflect your unique needs. This case study highlights our expertise in providing comprehensive office furniture solutions that align with our client’s vision.

Creating a Modern Open-Concept Office Space

The client’s goal was to achieve a modern and clean aesthetic while maximizing natural light, spaciousness, and the impressive surroundings of their facility. Our team successfully transformed the space by incorporating white laminate worksurfaces with silver and blue accent colors, harmonizing with the client’s corporate branding.

Efficient and Customized Workstations

For the main office area, we installed eighteen panel workstations, strategically arranged in two pods of nine. To ensure privacy and minimize noise, we used tall acoustical divider panels.

These panels also served a dual purpose by housing integrated electrical systems that seamlessly powered each workstation.

Conveniently positioned electrical and data ports below the worksurfaces facilitated easy access for power and data connectivity. Additionally, the mobile drawer pedestals featured a finished laminate top and provided extra worksurface space when required, promoting flexibility and efficiency.

Versatile Meeting Rooms

In the meeting rooms, we opted for training-style tables that offered flexibility in meeting configurations. These tables could easily connect and disconnect, adapting to various meeting needs. Paired with sleek and modern leather mid-back chairs, the meeting spaces exuded a contemporary and professional ambiance.

Clean and Minimalist Private Offices and Shipping/Receiving Area

The private offices and shipping/receiving area followed a clean and minimalist design approach, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious workspace throughout the facility. The furniture choices complemented the overall aesthetic, creating a seamless and visually appealing environment.

Comprehensive Solution for All Areas

Our services extended beyond the main office area. We furnished the lunchroom, cafeteria, and lounge area, providing a comprehensive solution that catered to the needs of the entire facility.

This ensured a consistent and cohesive look throughout the workspace.

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