Transforming Office Space: A Case Study on Office Furniture Solutions for a Large General Contractor in Surrey, BC

By configuring the workstations into pods and incorporating various height panels with glass elements, we achieved a balance of privacy and natural light.


This case study highlights our successful collaboration with a large general contractor located in Surrey, BC, where we provided comprehensive office furniture solutions to optimize their office space.

The client needed to accommodate more employees and decided to convert private office space into open areas utilizing a panel system.

We furnished their space with 40 panel workstations, configured into pods of four, completing the installation in three separate phases.

Efficient and Customized Workstations

To maximize functionality and privacy, the workstations were designed with staggered height panels. The spine of the pods featured 69″ high panels to accommodate overhead bins, while the front panels measured 53″ in height.

The 53″ panels were equipped with 16″ of clear glass along the top, allowing natural light to flow while maintaining privacy.

Each workstation was equipped with task lighting, a drawer pedestal, and some workstations were outfitted with a desk-top power module, including USB ports for convenient electronics charging. The panel system came with an integrated power system, ensuring each station had four plug-ins, and each pod of four workstations was hardwired from the back of the pod.

Stylish and Corporate Color Integration

The client selected a fogo harbour laminate finish for the worksurfaces and a mochaccino laminate for the pedestals, adding a touch of sophistication to the workstations. To tie everything into their corporate colors, blue fabric panels were chosen, creating a cohesive and visually appealing workspace. The silver metal accent for the panel frames and grommet hole covers added a modern and professional touch to the overall design.

Creating Private Areas

In addition to the open areas, we also created two private areas within the office using floor-to-ceiling acoustical panels with hinged doors. This allowed the client to have designated private spaces while maintaining the overall open and collaborative office environment.

Efficient Installation Process

Our services extended beyond the main office area. We furnished the lunchroom, cafeteria, and lounge area, providing a comprehensive solution that catered to the needs of the entire facility.

This ensured a consistent and cohesive look throughout the workspace.


This case study showcases our successful collaboration with a large general contractor in Surrey, BC, to optimize their office space through the use of panel workstations and private areas.
By configuring the workstations into pods and incorporating various height panels with glass elements, we achieved a balance of privacy and natural light. The integration of functional elements like task lighting and desk-top power modules enhanced productivity. Furthermore, the chosen laminate finishes, fabric panels, and metal accents added style and corporate color integration. Contact us today for comprehensive office furniture solutions in Surrey, BC, and transform your workspace into an efficient and visually appealing environment.
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