Whether you are planning to relocate, renovate or buying a new commercial office area, space planning is one of the most crucial steps to make your business run systemically. However, we often overlook office space planning over beautifying the workspace, but believe it or not, space planning makes a huge difference by generating proper slots for furniture, decoration and commercial utilities. Also, effective space planning assures optimal usage of your office floor area making the workspace design aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

If you are hunting for space planning installs in Vancouver BC, Premier Office Interiors, a boutique office furniture dealer specializes in making your office space planning easier than ever. 

At Premier Office Interiors, we make your furniture shopping experience so much easier. Our full-service furniture outfitting firm supports you from the initial planning stage to the selection of furniture and styles to delivery, arrangement planning and installation in Vancouver. We offer;

  • Private Office Furniture
  • Reception Furniture
  • Boardroom Furniture
  • Panel Systems
  • Benching Systems
  • Height Adjustable & Training Tables
  • Office Seating
  • Space Planning & Installations


It’s so important to make a great first impression

They say that the first impression is the last impression- make it count! Especially for business clients, it is vital to make the first meetings worth remembering. A strategic office space planning is all you need to up the ante of the workplace. Take the first step to conquer the office space planning by building a floor plan, walls, doors and stairs. Following, accommodate swanky furniture units that speak the language of workspace sophistication. 

Now, let’s dive into the world of office space planning outlining some of the best advantages!


A good layout caters to great functionality

The primary objective of space planning is to make appropriate usage of each area. For instance, plotting the boardroom a little far from the calling zone is beneficial so that the noise level doesn’t obstruct other work operations. In a cooperative work environment planning and setting up a workspace that supports interaction among employees and unity is the stepping stone. So, space planning needs to be done in a way that benefits the employee growth and efficiency. 


Let employee engagement formulate new ideas

Efficiency boosts business growth, so does building a workspace layout that helps in employee engagement and productivity. Furthermore, space planning is a great way to cut down on expenses when you are leasing or renovating your office space. Well, creating a smart space layout for your office makes it easier for you to fit more people in a small-scale area. Ultimately, designing office space allows flexibility, saves time and the lease cost. 


Workplace safety is a top priority

As a business owner, it is of utmost importance for you to set the health and safety parameters for your employees. And, a well-planned office layout ensures easy evacuation in case of fire and other emergencies. Apart from that, space planning also helps in multiple workplace safety determents such as proper ventilation to reduce breathing issues, poor lighting that strains the eyes of the worker, scattered furniture supplies that can obstruct the walking aisles and so on. Also, an aesthetically pleasing workspace design uplifts employees by motivating them towards achieving productivity.


Team Building: bring your employees together

A strong team is a backbone for every business and with space designing, it becomes a lot easier. First off, analyze how your teams function at their best and the plan the areas for each department in the organization. Creating these welcoming spaces for teams in your organization is a great way to bring all the team members together in a positive work environment. 


Say yes to saving energy

Have you ever thought about creating an energy-efficient environment at the office? Space planning encourages energy efficiency by controlling the usage of energy in the building. It can reduce energy costs systematically with the usage of multiple smart strategies. Lighting utilizes almost 40% of energy in an office setting, but you can save energy by making use of daylight through windows, so set up areas with windows wherever you can. Also, try installing energy-efficient office equipment during space planning and don’t forget to remind your employees to turn off computers, printers and other appliances to save energy. 

A smart business owner plays it smart, and space planning keeps you one step ahead! 


Great furniture is your golden ticket!

Well-designed office furniture not only enhances the decor, but also increases employee productivity.

If you want to make the most out of your office space planning, Premier Office Interiors is here to create a cool space for your teams. Our team conceptualizes your initial ideas, generates accurate product specifications, and makes presentations with three-dimensional images to ensure accuracy and clarity of quoted items.

Take the first step and contact us today to plan a dream workspace.