Did you know that, on average, employees spend anywhere between 40 minutes to 5 hours using office furniture? Since sitting is such a huge part of our daily routine, it stands to reason that the furniture responsible is phenomenal in both quality and comfort. 

In fact, proper ergonomics is instrumental in minimizing body strain and, you guessed it, increasing productivity! At Premier Office Interiors, you can get affordable office furniture for your Vancouver business. Right from conceptualizing to creating state-of-the-art 3D images and mock layouts, we can completely transform your office space for the better.

How our furniture helps your employees:

Takes Comfort to a Whole New Level

The quality of an employee’s environment translates into the quality of their work. When you invest in ergonomically smart tables and chairs with great cushions, backrests and the right adjustments, you are doing so much for their overall comfort. So when you shop for, say, glass chairs and desks for your Langley business, make sure every product is durable and sustains long-term health. 

Offers Plenty of Storage 

Files, memos, tapes and oodles of papers – where do you keep it all? At Premier Office Interiors, we have the answer! Our furniture is designed to accommodate your unique requirements. 

We offer quality products that have smartly built-in slots where items can be stored and accessed just as quickly. Hardware is also an important fixture in offices. You need to turn to a supplier that can engineer this into the furniture plan. Poor storage results in stolen items, misplaced essentials – making your employees squander precious time to hunt for them.

Delineates Different Zones

Open office plans are all the rage. Building walls to demarcate different sections just makes the environment feel very stifling. Our furniture arrangements are well-planned and executed, meaning that areas for different functions, teams, activities are accessible but still separated from the general area. 

Costly walls can easily be done away with when you turn to professionals who can design and place your furniture in a way that benefits your employees the most. 

Lends Your Office a Unique Personality

When you choose your furniture wisely, you can convey so much about your brand’s voice without saying anything at all. The feel and look of a workspace are the first thing employees take their cues from when doing their job – whether consciously or subconsciously. Well-fitted fixtures add vibrancy and vigour to an otherwise bland room. 

For instance, wood veneers on your Surrey office furniture exude an understated classic elegance that can’t be replicated by much else. 

At Premier Office Interiors, you have the benefit of choosing from an array of designs, colours, and veneers that truly communicate the vibe you want to send out. Bottom line? Furniture isn’t just for utility. It’s also an art!

So what do you need? Tell us, we’re listening!

Private Office Furniture

We specialize in private office furniture and have a range of products – no matter your specifications or budget! Are you looking for wood or laminate finishes? Do you want your pick of edge and colour options? 

You’ve come to the right place! We can incorporate traditional and contemporary designs to make your workspace look professional and feel comfortable!

Reception Furniture

The first thing your customers typically look for when they walk in? A reception desk! It stands to reason that this is modern and presentable, while still being comfortable for the person using it. 

We manufacture a range of products for reception outfitting projects – whether that’s chairs, desks, couches and supplemental seating -all tailored to the unique tone of the space. With us, you will experience a comfort and durability that surpasses all else. 

We also infuse superior design cues into all products, making them great conversation starters!

Boardroom Furniture

This is a place where your clients’ corral and major deals are brokered. Naturally, you need furniture that speaks to this level of significance and professionalism. 

At Premier Interiors, rest assured that your tables, couches, chairs and assorted boardroom fixtures will be tailored to your precise specifications. Our goal with furniture is to create an inviting atmosphere that is impressive and leaves a lasting mark on people who interact with it. 

Panel Systems

Premier Office Interiors creates panel systems that are refined and customizable. This means you have a wide range of surface material options to browse through. Our technicians aim to deliver a superior fit and finish – all the makings of a great office space. If you need cubicle partition panels, kick panels, answer panels and more – just say the word.  

Benching Systems

Benching and desk systems occupy an important role in the office. They are simple accessories that bring a sense of sophistication to the workplace, not to mention, these are the main pieces of furniture that your employees interact with. 

You need options that come with height adjustability options and make good use of the available real estate. Workers require modular designs so that they are afforded a sense of privacy that lets them focus. 

Space Planning and Installation

To allow for more productive work hours, the office space needs to be comfy and yet ergonomically pleasing so that employees are able to focus. Well-placed furniture helps prevent areas of congestion and also avoids the hazards of a jungle of cables in the wrong place and improper ventilation. 


At Premier Office Interiors, we help you plan a package that is optimal for your design vision, budget, space constraints and production time. Whether you live in Surrey, Metro Vancouver and Langley, we can provide unparalleled services and on-time delivery. 

Based on your say so, we’ll generate accurate images and layouts so that you can get an idea of what your office will look like. Our quotes are the best in the industry – you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.  

Turn the tables on bland and boring workspaces. 

Turn to the office furniture experts!

Great designs. Long-lasting products. Superior installation. Contact us today at 604-380-1279 to give your office a vibrant and refreshing look.