As a small office owner, you do everything in your power to make your office as comfortable and chic as possible. The challenge is to also stay within budget. Striking a balance between the type of furniture you love and the type you can afford is tricky. 

At Premier Office Interiors, we make your furniture shopping experience so much easier. Our full-service furniture outfitting firm supports you from the initial planning stage to the selection of furniture and styles to delivery, arrangement planning and installation in Vancouver. We offer;

Initial Factors to Consider

Approach the process in a systematic manner so that you won’t have to look at costly replacements for a while. Ask yourself;

  • How long would you like your furniture to hold out before the next upgrade?
  • How much wear-and-tear will the furniture be subjected to?
  • Do you have a big move planned that will require disassembling and transporting the furniture?
  • Does your current furniture pose any efficiency, productivity or workflow problems?
  • Will you need to dispose of the old furniture to make room for the new furniture?

These are integral points to consider beforehand, and convey to the manufacturers so that they can guide you accordingly. 

Brainstorm a Budget

You need to have at least a rough idea of how much you want to spend on the furniture and accessories. This will help narrow your search tremendously. Additionally, if you do want to splurge on one item that’s extra cool, you’ll be able to know just how big you can go. 

If you need help establishing a budget, we’re right here to assist you. Explain your vision to us and the amount of space you have to work with, and we’ll be happy to generate a reasonable budget based off of which you can proceed. 

Keep It Clutter-Free

This is a crucial step that has to be given due thought. You should make sure the entryway to your office is kept clutter-free. When visitors drop by, they will have the illusion of a much larger room if you place visually heavy objects like bookshelves and tables away from the door. You also don’t want to hinder the movement of traffic when placing your furniture. Keep aisles clear and leave at least a 3-foot wide walkway when generating the floor plan. 

Capture the Spirit of Your Company

Furniture doesn’t simply have to be beautiful and functional, it must also show off your brand’s personality. Here’s where you can get really creative! Choose pieces that reflect your style. Think about the theme you want to epitomize. Traditional or modern? Wood furniture has a more rustic feel, whereas glass pieces are more industrial. There are even spaces that combine the two to create a transitional vibe. 

When you run a professional office, you want something that is consistent overall. With your chairs, desks, cabinets and prominent elements, make sure to establish some measure of commonality.  

Make Room For Storage

Great desks and chairs aren’t the only things that make up an office. If there are piles of papers covering every visible surface, your space will look untidy and unprofessional. You need ample storage space to offset this scenario. 

File drawers and cabinets will keep everything organized and keep the workspace clutter-free. This is a great de-stressor and helps your employees stay productive. Mobile file cabinets offer greater flexibility and provide that extra workspace. Carefully take these into account before putting your money down. 

Approach a Furniture Planning Specialist

Sometimes, you need an expert eye to see what you may not. This is where we can help! Premier Office Interiors will plan your furniture requirements whether you have a single workstation or an entire office space. We will offer an optimal package with an ideal design concept and budget. 

Rest assured, our experts can work around any space constraints and deliver the results you’ve always envisioned but never been able to put on paper. 

In fact, we use state-of-the-art software to conceptualize your ideas and generate precise product specifications. Based on this, we create 3D images and layouts so that you’ll know exactly what the final result will look like way before we get to work. 

It’s Time to Give Your Office an Amazing Makeover!

Premier Office Interiors is an affordable and reliable furniture outfitting firm in Vancouver. We have helped tons of people create the office space of their dreams. You can be next! Contact our team for a great quote to get started!