Are you in a mood to renovate your office space? A positive and clean office environment is the root of a healthy office culture. Well, the interior of your office design often promotes energy, efficiency and engagement. 

Your office furniture is one of the most ideal factors that helps in enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of your office space. Shared working spaces or a benching system is a brand new trend that is taking the corporate industry by storm. 

At Premier Office Interiors, we make your furniture shopping experience so much easier. Our full-service furniture outfitting firm supports you from the initial planning stage to the selection of furniture and styles to delivery, arrangement planning and installation in Vancouver. We offer;

  • Private Office Furniture
  • Reception Furniture
  • Boardroom Furniture
  • Panel Systems
  • Benching Systems
  • Height Adjustable & Training Tables
  • Office Seating
  • Space Planning & Installations


What is Benching System?

Benching system is an open workstation concept that reflects no barriers, arranged on parallel rows and designed on spacious tables. With the benching system, it is easy to leave some room on your office floor as the benching workstations are compact and take less space. 

As the desks are attached to one counter, it becomes easier for employees to interact with each other and we all that’s how ideas and creativity flow. Apart from that, benching desks leave no stones unturned to make your office floor full of fresh air and sunlight.

With the increased demand for this innovative corporate gear, finding the right place for swanky benching desks is a little tricky. Premier Office Interiors is one of the private office furniture providers in Vancouver BC. Decorating your office space with these sassy desks becomes a cakewalk when you discover an amazing selection of avant-garde office interior.


Benefits of Office Benching

Office benching comes with plenty of benefits that work well for your organization in the long run.


Growing teamwork:

Aligning employees at one place flourish teamwork and collaboration between workers. When employees interact with each other and discuss their tasks, new ideas and creativity foster workplace productivity. On the other hand, office cubicles limit the idea of employee interaction by creating a physical obstruction.


Space saver:

Whether you have a large office area or a small one, having benching desks installed can maximize the space in your office. When you can adjust four employees in a single space, saving space it’s killing two birds with one stone! Especially, this can be a great idea for small business owners to organize furniture in a limited space. 


More flexibility:  

Most of the benching systems come in modular patterns and easily the configurable. This helps business owners to cope up with the changing office requirements. Benching workstations are easily movable and far more flexible to manage than those cluttered cubicles. Also, it allows you to place an assortment of desks in one place to create a work surface. 


Centre of attraction:

Having well-designed and stylish benching workstations can attract young and creative talents who are team players. It creates a sense of community and togetherness among your employees when they share the same space and decorate accordingly. So, the next time you are planning for an interview day, make sure your benching desks are installed. 


Increased adaptability: 

The modern workforce is always looking for innovations and the advanced designs of these benching work stations make millennials accomplish teamwork smoothly. Time to attain productivity at it’s best!

Now, that you know that benching workspaces can do wonders for the growth of your business and productivity of the employees, it’s time to explore benching furniture styles for your office. 

At Premier Office Interiors, they take pleasure in assisting you to plan your office interior and selecting the right pieces according to the theme. From furniture delivery to installation, everything under one roof! Contact us today to revamp your office space!