Transforming an Office Space: Office Furniture Installation for a Trading Company in Richmond, BC

By incorporating modern design elements, contrasting color schemes, and strategic glazing placements, we created a visually appealing and functional workspace.


This case study showcases our successful collaboration with a trading company based in Richmond, BC, where we provided comprehensive office furniture solutions for their brand-new location. The project involved designing an open office plan, taking advantage of natural light and incorporating modern aesthetics. Our focus was on creating a functional and visually appealing workspace that reflected the client’s needs and vision.

Designing for a Modern Open Office

The client’s office space was designed as an open office plan, featuring a low height divider panel system. The modern space boasted natural wood columns and earth tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our team carefully designed the workstations to optimize the use of natural light, capitalizing on the floor-to-ceiling windows to enhance the overall ambiance of the space.

Sleek and Contrasting Design Choices

To achieve a modern look, the client opted for white worksurfaces contrasted with a dark woodgrain base. This combination created a visually striking contrast while maintaining a professional aesthetic. To ensure durability in high traffic areas, we utilized a durable laminate on the outside of the divider panels while using a tackable beige fabric on the inside.

Enhanced Privacy and Functionality

Strategic placement of frosted glazing was incorporated to provide additional privacy as needed, while still allowing natural light to flow throughout the office space. The client also chose the integrated panel system electrical, powered from pac poles. This allowed for convenient access to power and data at each workstation, promoting a seamless workflow.

Customized File Drawer Solution

In response to the client’s unique needs, we designed and manufactured a custom file drawer utilizing record dividers instead of traditional hanging files. This customized solution optimized storage capacity and ease of organization, providing a tailored solution for the trading company’s document management requirements.

Phased Project with Boardrooms and Ergonomic Seating

The project was completed in multiple phases, encompassing 45 workstations, two boardrooms, and ergonomic seating options. This comprehensive approach ensured that the entire office space was equipped with functional and ergonomic solutions, promoting productivity and employee well-being.


This case study demonstrates our successful collaboration with a trading company in Richmond, BC, to furnish their new office location. By incorporating modern design elements, contrasting color schemes, and strategic glazing placements, we created a visually appealing and functional workspace. The integration of customized file drawer solutions and the use of the integrated panel system electrical further enhanced productivity and organizational efficiency.

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